H&M Sale // boss babe on a budget

it’s fridayyy.

Amidst my day at work my coworker let me in on the best news I’ve gotten all week… the H&M SALE! You’re cool too sxsw.

Since I was at work when I was distracted by all things fabulous I thought it was only necessary to showcase all things work appropriate from the H&M sale.

Grey H&M Blazer Salegrey blazer // $17.99
style steal- pair with dark denim and booties to dress it down

satin navy blue blouse h&m sale

navy blouse // $14.99
style steal- because you can never have enough satin blouses; easy go-to if you’re running late for the J O B

black leather skirt h&m sale

genuine leather skirt // $49.99
style steal- professional but a babe, so basically you can’t go wrong; top it off with the navy blouse (I’m all for the navy with black trend)

suede skirt h&m scale

genuine suede pencil skirt // $49.99
style steal- the 70s are back and nothing says Donna and Jackie like some suede; mixing suede with ivory is a personal favorite

scuba-like strip dress h&m sale

stripe dress // $19.99
style steal- this looks almost identical to a pattern T by Alexander Wang had two seasons back for 10 times the price; pair with blazer for daytime and ditch it come happy hour

wide-leg pants

wide dress pants // $19.99
style steal- wear with nude pumps and a plain white tee for a simple yet sophisticated #ootd

suede booties h&m sale

suede booties // $29.99
style steal- no doubt you will get every bit of wear out of these babies; they go with pretty much everything: pencil skirt, jeans, dresses, shorts.

pendant necklace h&m sale

pendant necklace // $4.99
style steal- put it with that colored shirt for an extra touch

leopard dog collar h&m sale

dog collar // $6.99
style steal- if anyone deserves something new it’s your dog

palm pillow h&m sale

pillow // $3.99
style steal- the more plants & succulents you have in your apartment THE BETTER — makes it more livelyyy


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Who What Wear, if yaaa dareee

One of my favorite blogs, Who What Wear, has FINALLY received the recognition it deserves… the most badass, budget friendly place on Earth is now selling the line in-store. Yes, that’s right, TAR-JAY/TARGET is now selling the classic wardrobe building pieces in their stores everywhere! The results… better than I even anticipated!

From blush blazers to knotted belts, Who What Wear’s line showcases staple pieces to build your wardrobe with all pieces under $50. The sizes range from a 2 to 26 (plus sizes, too) and includes vests, shift dresses, bucket bags and plain white tees.

I can’t wait to feed my Target shopping addiction even more now! Below are my current in-store faves.


alphaShop Who What Wear


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Beauty in a Bookshelf


I’m well aware I’ve been MIA. Currently watching Mean Girls, so obviously my life is sooo busy, but really, I started a “kick A” new job, and I got a dog which is everything everyone says having a dog is… THE BEST DECISION EVERRRR!! Not to mention, I’ve got this new Netflix addiction… American Horror Story. It’s probably the most twisted show there is, but something about it keeps me coming back. I haven’t seen the new season with Lady Gaga, so I can’t speak for that one, but the witches season — season 3 — makes me kinda wish a was a witch; Walking Dead makes me wish there was a zombie apocalypse, Gossip Girl has me wanting to live in New York/Upper Manhattan, Weeds almost had me convinced selling drugs is the social norm and now American Horror Story has me wanting to possess a magical power… so YAY for not portraying a normal life whatsoever, Netflix.

Now for my tidbit of info on design and “eye-catchy” things… I have this fascination with bookshelves lately. When one is aesthetically beautiful — one might say — I can’t help but smile. There isn’t necessarily a trick to making a bookshelf look good, but here are my steps to kick-starting your mediocre bookshelf into looking fab.


1) Shelf- Find a shelf, any shelf really, even if it’s funky, made out of wires, or in the shape of a circle… just get a bookshelf. If it’s painted I’d go over it with a white gloss. Why?! Becuase white provides that clean look and allows the colors in the books & knick-knacks to pop, plus you avoid repainting over trendy designs like circa 2012’s chevron (no more chevron, not now, not ever).

2) Books- Now figure out what books you want displayed on your shelf — grab those magazines, too. Always go for a color scheme if you have tons of books. Place them on the shelf up & down, side to side, and then place a nice fixture on top or even pushed up against the books. Also, be sure your books line up right, give them structure.


3) Add YOU- Personalizing your bookshelf is my favorite part! Make it reflect you by adding things like a skull knick-knack, a fun polka dot bowl from the kitchen filled with finger nail polish, a geometric vase with a feather, a picture frame, sugar cookie candle, simple succulent, etc. MIX IT UP! A book shelf isn’t just for books.

4) Step Back- As you decorate your shelf, continuously take a step back and see if it looks right. If it doesn’t, play around with it until it’s like you want it! If all else fails, and this step-by-step post is a total bust, login to Pinterest and copy awayyyy.

Below are a few of my personal favorite bookshelves I’ve come across online and out in the real world.





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