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Here’s to TUESDAY, and to all my teacher friends and kiddos who are headed back to school!
Keep on keepin’ on.

WEEKEND RECAP1) Don’t go to The Blind Pig on a Thursday, felt like I was amongst about 30 Tinder and/or Bumble dates (if you don’t know what these are then you are probably married and don’t have to deal with the shallow and sketch ways singles go about dating), everyone was dressed up, which isn’t exactly normal in Austin, but if you’re into awkward moments… go for it! 2) Go to Cheddars and order a Monte Cristo, just do it. 3) Sort of old news, BUT Trainwreck is the epitome of a 20-something’s everyday thoughts except Amy Schumer manages to say everything we are ALL thinking out loud… it’s glorious! Reason 5,094 I’m in LOVE with her.

As far as style and fashion talk goes I’m going to tell you a BIG secret. Mixing cheap with expensive is the story of my budget friendly life. Say what you may about Forever 21 and the quality of their clothes, but they have trendy pieces that look pretty impressive if you pair them with something a bit more pricey. Also, if you are 38+ and simply don’t like the sound of shopping in a place where all the spunky teeny boppers go, then shop online. It makes it much easier to see all of their product; the selection is awesome, especially considering about 80% of their clothes are mere copies of high-end designers.

My outfit I wore last week (pictured below) is exhibit A. I spotted these striped culottes on Forever 21’s Instagram, and went on their website and bought them for under $20! Then, I paired ’em with a summer silk blouse my friend Michele kindly gifted me. It’s T by Alexander Wang so the quality is great and instantly dresses up the pants.

(Please ignore my crooked necklace. It can now drive all my OCD people CRAZY! (; )IMG_8913

 IMG_8914 IMG_8915

Culottes, Forever 21 // Top, T by Alexander Wang (out of stock, similar styles here) // Shoes, Nordstrom Rack (out of stock similar here)



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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale FAVES (ends 08/03)


As an official member of the Nordie crew I shamefully spend about 25% of my paycheck on impulse buys of shenanigans I see while working. The only way I can relate the struggle of working in a high end department store is how an alcoholic must feel working in a bar. On top of the absurd amounts of income I spend at the store, the annual Anniversary Sale is well underway, AND it’s ending this week! Below are my personal faves and purchases I indulged in this past month.

Also, in case The Anniversary Sale sounds like a foreign language, it’s Nordstrom’s fall collection, but all of the product comes in on sale; they crank the prices up in August. REVERSE SALE. Clever. Enjoy…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Vince Pant- Sale Price $216.90, Original $325 // Steve Madden Heel Sale Price $86.90, Original $129.95 // Phone Case– Sale Price $22.90, Original $35 // Vince Camuto Crossbody- Sale Price $118.90, Original $178 // Steve Madden Jacket– Sale Price $99.90, Original $150 // Clarisonic– Sale Price $119.20, Original $149 // Hinge Faux Suede Jacket– Sale Price $99.90, Original $148



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Fakin’ It

Hey Beauties!

It’s a Sunday evening, and I’m all about Netflix right now. Mainly because I don’t do cable anymore; I couldn’t quite justify $160+ a month considering I only watched The Kardashians and Lifetime Movies… no judgments. Currently binging on the show Weeds… HILARIOUS. The television writer for the show also writes the majority of the Orange is the New Black episodes. Something about watching the daily lives of drug dealers and women in prison makes me feel extremely confident about my life choices. NOW here are some style steals for ya…

Culottes have been in this year, and one of my personal favorites are the TIbi seersucker pants. I’m so in love with these pants that I seriously contemplated racking up $375 and getting them… thank you credit card. BUT, lucky me, I also make weekly visits to Forever 21’s website, and while scrolling through I came across a pair that look identical to the Tibi minus $300. Here’s the deal, they aren’t the same fabric. The style of the Tibi pants is much more structured than the Forever 21 rayon material. Don’t expect the Forever 21 grid pair to last you like the designer ones will. I’m a firm believer in investing in basic pieces, but culottes and black and white grid prints are both trends. Three years from now these adorable culottes wont be wearable anyway, so $40 is sounding a lot better than $375. YOU ARE WELCOME!

P.S. The culottes from Forever 21 also come with a matching colored top. Double wammy!!

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Tibi // Forever 21



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