How to Nail an Interview Look

Interview Outfit

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I’ve never really understood why people wear unflattering clothes or look like they just got done with a funeral to an interview. Isn’t an interview supposed to showcase your personality? Granted, most of your interviewers could probably care less about your precious nude pumps, but STILL an outfit with a bit of expression sure isn’t going to make them NOT want to hire you.

You don’t have to be Elle Woods in an all pink suit as you bend and snap, picking up your glitter pen. All I’m suggesting is some color. A statement necklace, thin bright belt, colorful crossbody handbag– all would add a little somethin’ extra to the usual dull interview getup! *snaps for future interviewees*

Purse // Michael Kors- sold out, similar here

Necklace // Walmart- in-store only

Tank // A’Gaci- old, similar here
((Just so you’re aware, I’m wearing the tank backwards so the bow would be in the front))

Cardigan // Target- old, similar here

Pants // Target- $27.99

Shoes // The Buckle- old, similar here


Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.”


Summer Sandals For The Savvy


H&M – I always find myself going straight to my black sandals. When I think, “I don’t have any shoes to wear,” I almost ALWAYS grab the black ones. These are a good go-to pair. The imitation leather H&M sandal would pair well with a bright summer dress or boyfriend jeans and a tee. // $15

Wet Seal Sandals

Wet Seal – The fact that mixing brown & black is just NOW I thing is a tad bit crazy to me! The black/brown combo is only the millionth reason I adore these Wet Seal sandals. Wet Seal might not have the best quality, but when you are paying less than $20, who’s complaining?! They don’t appear cheap by any means; Wet Seal is always my go to if I’m wanting a lot of new fun stuff without breaking the budget. // $10

TJ Maxx Sandals

TJ Maxx – POP-OF-COLOR & coral at that. Need a say more! The gold detail would look beautiful with a summer maxi or romper. Also available in black. // $29.99

Charming Charlie Sandals

Charming Charlie – Chic at the best buy. The wedge can really dress this shoe up. Pair it with some gold statement pieces, tailored white shorts, a thin tan belt and a colored top. // $29.00

Zara Sandals

Zara – They’re leather, with a track sole, kinda wacky and unique looking. As always… ZARA knows the way to my heart. // $12.99


If you are confident, you are beautiful.”


Fab at the Pool

Fab at the Pool

Earrings // Noonday Collection – Matching the sandal’s studs, these brass and one-of-a-kind earrings are made from Peru artisans — from Noonday Collection (located in ATX). This company’s story is quite touching and worth the read. // $52

Sunglasses // Nordstroms – Cheetah print will ALWAYS be straight SASS! These sunnie-shades bring out the colors in the sandals, and they fit right in with this whole “let’s throw it back to the hippie 60s” circle sunglasses trend. As always… thank you Nordstroms, we are forever grateful! // $49

Headband // American Apparel – Want people to shower you with compliments?… YUP! Getting a twist tie headband is the way to go, it’s comfortable and gets your hair out of your face [[LOVE MINE]]. Sometimes I knot it or just tie in a bow, and if you’re brave go for the dainty scarf look. Available in lots of festive colors // $14

Sandals // Payless – Everyone needs those “go with anything” sandals, here they are! // $24

Swimsuit // Target – Black is the way to go for a swimsuit. It’s sexy, yet classy, compliments any skin tone and SLIMMING! The fringe adds a little fun to the mix and is super trendy right now, and if you’re boobless (yep… me), the fringe gives the illusion of bigger boobs! WIN/WIN // $10.49 a piece


Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”


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